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Founded in 1985 by Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Ipoh, the Rotary Club.MBI take over the organization of this event in 1991 with 3.400 participants from all over the country, including nearly 100 participants from foreign countries such as Fukuoka, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. In 1997, a total of 3,000 participants from within and outside the country have participated in the event Ipoh Half-Marathon. 

In 1998, the number increased again to 3.300 participants, including participants from other countries such as Thailand, Singapore, India, Morocco, Britain, the United States and Canada.In 1999, the participation of more than 3,500 people. Number of participants from abroad also increased compared with previous years. 

In 2000, Ipoh Half-Marathon has changed its name to the Ipoh International Run and is one of the events listed in the travel program in conjunction with the Visit Perak in 2000 and a list of program celebration the 12th anniversary of Ipoh City Day which falls on May 27, 2000. 

In 2001, the Ipoh International Run 2001 has reached more than 3,500 participants, including 18 entries from countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan, France, Hong Kong and India. 

Ipoh International Run 2002, a total of 5.718 participants participants including participants from other countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Britain and Indonesia. Ipoh International Run 2003 has reached 5.800 participants, including participants from countries such as Thailand, Japan, Britain and Indonesia. 

Ipoh International Run 2004 continued to gain popularity in any of 6,000 participants, including participants from countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Japanese and others have participated in further enliven the event. 

In 2005, participation increased to 6.300 persons (including participants from Thailand, Indonesia and others); 

Ipoh International Run 2006 has attracted a total of 6.500 participants, including participants from countries such as Thailand, Medan (Indonesia), India, Singapore and others. 

Ipoh International Run 2007 is a major program under the state tourism calendar in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007. It has attracted a total of 10.574 participants, including participants from countries such as Thailand, Singapore and others. Ipoh International Run 2008 has attracted over 13,000 participants, including 495 foreign participants, including Thailand, Singapore, Kenya, Japan and Hungary. 

Ipoh International Run 2009 has attracted more than 10,000 participants, including 100 foreign participants, such as Thailand, Singapore, Kenya and Japan.

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